The cycle has turned full circle after almost 90+ yearsand at last Bollywood girls are getting a break in Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra set the ball rolling with Baywatch and the TV serial Quantico. Close on her heels are two other stars namely Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor. Deepika is the bigger star, almost a superstar in Bollywood and she was trying hard to emulate Priyanka.

Deepika and America

The ice is broken and she stars in the Hollywood film Return of Xander Cage. Her co-star in the film is Vin Diesel.

Deepika is also slated to play a role opposite Brad Pitt.She is also featured as one of the top 11 promising newcomers in Hollywood by the magazine Vanity Fair.Deepika is ranked 10th in the list of highest paid actresses by Forbes magazine. She is the only newcomer in that bracket and her earnings are shown at $10 million. Looks like she is paid a pile by the producers of Return of Xander Cage. This also puts her ahead of Priyanka as far as earnings are concerned. This is a feather in her cap. The list is headed by Jennifer Aniston with $21 million.

However, it's interesting to note that these earnings are way below the male stars.

Deepika is 30 years old and with Priyanka touching 35, her shelf life in Hollywood is likely to be longer, if she can build upon her success. In Mumbai, Deepika is presently the top star and has also starred in some of the biggest hits.

The future

Deepika has also been romantically linked to a number of co-stars including Ranbir Kapoor and Ranvir Singh, with whom she starred in Bajirao Mastani.

She is concentrating on her career. Deepika must be one of the first actresses to have made such a splash in America when her first release is some time away. There is also reverse traffic with Amy Jackson an English girl making it big in Tamil and Hindi films. She was the star of Singh is Bling with the top Bollywood star Akshay Kumar.

The success of Deepika after Priyanka is good news for Bollywood.

Hollywood is also changing and becoming more open and that is exciting news for it is the Mecca of the film industry and success in Hollywood really means everything in this materialistic world. Best of luck to Deepika and the many other girls who will follow her.

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