We begin this article by recommending the film “X-men: Days of Future Past” (created by Stan Lee). Whomever hasn’t seen this movie yet I invite you to do so to be able to understand what we will explain in an easier way. What is currently happening in the series has technically not happened yet because Zamasu has not yet traveled to the past from the future.

You may wonder how this is. It is already confirmed that Black is Zamasu or that at least this Kaioshin is who controls Goku’s body (theory previously published by me).


By Black having traveled in time to the present chasing Future Trunks, he raised Wiss and Beerus’ suspicions about Zamasu, a character who deeply hates humans and is training to contain his anger towards them. By giving his teacher the opportunity to fight Goku, who was mistaken for a human by them, and by our hero defeating him so easily, he determined that humans are a threat and therefore in episode chapter 54 it’s possible we may see him stealing the Time Ring and traveling to the past of this future’s timeline and controlling Goku's body, thus creating a time paradox.

In conclusion, all that has currently happened has not yet happened. If Wiss and Beerus had not traveled to universe 10, and the fight between Goku and the Kaioshin apprentice hadn’t occurred, none of this would be a given, but it had to be this way so everything that has occurred was able to happen.

It's something somewhat difficult to explain which is why I recommended the X-men film. It could be a good basis for understanding what is happening in our favorite series. Soon we’ll need a scientist to explain the ideas of Sensei Toriyama, who continues to surprise us and who is currently treating the fans of the series like what we are: real adults.


If you have any questions, please let us know.

Beerus and Whis travel to earth to investigate the presence of two Zamasu evil Ki. Zamasu from past and future will fuse and become a new evil god with incredible power. Can Beerus and Whis defeat this new God?