With the recent absence of episode 59 of "Dragon Ball Super," this week came with many doubts about what we will see in the next chapter of this exciting and appreciated series. As we all know last weekend there was no premiere of this charismatic series, and for those that don't know the reason, it was because of a marathon of another anime that was celebrated in Japan at that time, called "Cochikame." Today a source close to Bandai Company has filtered a new revealing image, and with it some new information about how exciting the coming chapter of this series will be.

Next, we will be talking in detail about it.

The new revealing image

Meanwhile, while waiting a week for the new episode, a new image has been released, it corresponds to Chapter 59.


This revealing image is not as usual as some images that we used to see, and in it we can see the warriors (Wiss, Bills, and Goku). What it shows, could be nothing relevant, however, we note the absence of the supreme Kaiosama Shin, which can be justified for obvious reasons. As we know in this episode Goku and Zamasu meet again, but knowing about the synopsis of this episode, surely Goku expires again and does not want to kill Zamasu, however, Bills will do it. It is good to remember that in the last episode, Zamasu tried to kill Gowasu, using a lethal poison, and because of that, Bills became really angry.

Additional information

According to the source that revealed this new image, the principal reason of the absence of the Kaiosama in this image is because of the relation between the Kaiosama and the God of destruction, in that if the Kaioshin dies, the God of destruction will too.

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So that is why Bills wants to kill Zamasu, before that he kills the Kaioshin, because he knows that if the villain does this, he will die immediately.


It is not completely clear what this new image hides, we have to wait until the coming chapter comes. It is good to note that the next episode will be premiere next Saturday, at the same time.