Gohan returns to the animated series

Two days left until the official premiere of Episode 55 of the animated series Dragon Ball Super and just a few hours for the premiere of episode fifteen of the manga. Both are focused on the current plot of the saga of Trunks’ future, in which the Z warriors must face the most powerful villain of all time, i.e., Goku Black.

Recently, some news regarding the plot of the current chapter of the animated series has been leaked and also some new images for the Dragon Ball Heroes video game, which you can see by clicking the image we have placed in the photo gallery of this article.


In this one, on the left side we can see Zamasu, who is shown puzzled by the orange ring that corresponds to him, while in the center we see Gowazu and Goku Black, both in possession of a green ring. However, on the right side we can see Son Gohan wearing a new suit in battle position.

As for the plot of the current episode of the manga, some new details were leaked on Kanzenshuu’s forum, of which we can point out the three major events that are listed below.

  • Whiss ensures that the destroyer god and creator god are one and the same, so if one of them dies, the other will too. In other words, in the future of Trunks, all kaioshins and the gods of destruction are dead.
  • Son Goku ensures that the young Saiyan from the future has surpassed Gohan himself.
  • Vegeta, the prince of the warrior race, must ask permission from his wife (Bulma) to travel to the future. She reluctantly agrees, because she could never prevent her husband from going to the overwhelming battle that awaits them in the future anyway.

We remind you that the first chapter of manga number 15 is already available, which briefly recounts the events of the terrifying battle of Trunks against Goku Black, a desperate struggle for the eradication of the human race.

The future of Gohan in "Dragon Ball Super"

How can "Dragon Ball Super" make Gohan matter again? Will we see Gohan return? What will it take for Gohan to come back? What is the future of Gohan in "Dragon Ball Super"?