The last chapter of 'Dragon Ball Super'

After seeing the last chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" it has been very clear -- the superiority of the transformation of Black's Super Saiyan Rose to the stage super Saiyan blue god of Vegeta, which did him no harm (though Black was badly hurt by the beam of light that pierced the chest). With this the chances of Goku going against him because both have almost the same power puts them on almost equal footing, but there is not much difference between the two fighters so Goku could suffer the same fate as Vegeta.


This could give way to a new Saiyan transformation with which to defeat Black and Zamasu. This new transformation could be in a very critical moment of the battle as in "Dragon Ball Z" when Goku first becomes Super Saiyan or when Gohan explodes in anger against Cell and reaches the Super Saiyan Phase Two.

The power unknown

the power of Zamasu is unknown, and because it was already known beforehand that the evil Goku Black shares the same light beam arm technique, something very peculiar that could indicate that both have a very close bond, something like a teacher and a apprentice.

On the other hand, Trunks could also acquire a new transformation through his anger toward everything that has been done -- especially the death of his mother Bulma and this anger could bring forth a new transformation that will leave many surprised.

The secret of Zamasu and Black

Chapter 60 will reveal at last the secret of Zamasu and Black, where many of our doubts will be cleared. Also, this could give way to a new enemy who is behind all this. We remind you that the next episode of the series will be released on October 1st in Japan and on October 18th there will be a chapter of "Dragon Ball Super," then we leave the progress for this exciting episode with a video below:

"Dragon Ball Super" -- Goku's Final Form

What will Goku transform into next? What level of Super Saiyan God remains to be discovered? Will Goku turn into Super Saiyan Rose to defeat Black Goku?