Days Of Our Lives fans have known for weeks that three former villains are returning to Salem. Next week, Xander Cook, Clyde Weston and Orpheus come back to the fictional town to get revenge. Will Theresa be able to get free from the escaped convict?

Xander strangles Theresa on 'Days Of Our Lives'

DOOL spoilers reveal that Brady and Theresa decide to get married even though the three prison inmates escaped. At one point, Theresa will have to return to the penthouse. Unfortunately, Xander Cook is waiting for her.

The bride-to-be tries to talk her way out of the situation by claiming she isn't by herself. She even puts on an act hoping Xander will be convinced someone else is in the penthouse. However, he isn't buying it. The soap opera villain wants Theresa to die and begins strangling her.

Does Jen Lilley's character survive the attack?

According to the latest spoilers, Theresa manages to break free from Xander. Just in the nick of time, Brady Black shows up to save the woman he loves. However, Xander isn't going to get caught and runs off.

Nicole is also in danger

At the Salem police station, Theresa Donovan explains what happened. Later, the Days Of Our Lives character warns Nicole Walker that she is also on Xander's radar. Remember, Nicole played a part in putting Xander behind bars.

Does Theresa die on 'Days Of Our Lives?'

For right now, Theresa is safe from death. According to Jen Lilley's Instagram account, her character will be seen on television screens until the end of the year.

Theresa may die eventually, but fans hope she is given a better exit than that. For now, the DOOLcharacter will surviveXander, Orpheus and Clyde's attack on Salem.

Salem must unite to survive the triple threat

Eventually, the escaped convicts will decide to band together to take down the entire town. This means that all of the Salem residents will need to join forces to survive. However, with so many cast changes happening on Days Of Our Lives, will one or more characters die?

What do you think is going to happen next week on the popular soap opera? Keeping watching Days Of Our Lives to find out.

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