The terror and mayhem from Orpheus, Xander and Clyde continue this week. The three start to become more erratic as time passes. The danger is paralyzing to the residents of Salem. With such a long list to take revenge on, the fine folks of Salem don't know who might be next!

Monday the 26th

Chloe goes to the paternity clinic with Philip, Deimos, and Nicole. When the results are given, neither Philip or Deimos is the father, leaving Deimos crushed.

Tuesday the 27th

Theo has a difficult time and Abe is asupportive father.

Theo talks about Lexie and the two have a heartfelt conversation.

Wednesday the 28th

Orpheus calls John to tell him that he has taken a hostage and it is someone John loves!

Thursday the 29th

Aiden reveals something to Hope. As a cliffhanger, Clyde picks a target and fires his gun!

Friday the 30th

Clyde's shot hit someone. Chaos ensues.

This week "Days Of Our Lives" promises to be filled with excitement! Orpheus, Xander and Clyde become even more unhinged. They crank up the drama even more as they seek their revenge.Brady and Sonny devise a plan and it is a big one!John and Steve fight to save their loved ones and are ready to storm into the warehouse.Kate begins carrying a gun because of Clyde and he ends up cornering her!We know he shoots at someone and actually hits them.

Is it Kate?

Hope has Rafe and Aiden in a position to ask the right questions but doesn't. In fact, she advises Aiden to save himself and leave Salem.Chloe finally confides in her friend Nicole. She is ready to tell all and Nicole is all ears.In the near future we know that Philip and Chloe will turn to Kate for help with their baby. They have to keep Deimos away!

According toDays CaféJJ has a big secret.

If it is exposed, it could hurt his relationship with Gabi. Could that happen just in time for Chad to start to move on with someone from his past? Could Chad and Gabi be a couple in the future? We know that Abby is set to return to Salem after Christmas. That is plenty of time to get a love triangle going!

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