"Days Of Our Lives" is full of fear and drama with the escapees on the loose.According toWe Love Soapsthe trio will cause a blackout in Salem to try to get an advantage over their would-be targets. Several plans are underway to trip the criminals up and restore safety in Salem and some unlikely alliances are formed.

Take a sneak peek at what is coming this week on "Days of Our Lives."Day by day breakdown of the action follows so don't read if you want to be surprised!

Monday, 9-19

Deimos wants some dirt on Chloe andwants Dario to get it! Eduardo tells John about his role in the prison break. John and Paul search for the terrible trio that is loose in Salem.

Chloe is surprised by a request from Philip.

Tuesday, 9-20

Nicole warns her friend Chloe not to make a mistake...Eduardo finds out Dario is working for Deimos and becomes upset. Victor and Deimos pull all the Kariakas men together to help get Orpheus, Xander and Clyde captured. Victor has some surprising news for Sonny.

Wednesday, 9-21

Orpheus, Xander, and Clyde work together to make a strike against Salem. Steve nurses Kayla back to health. Claire scares Jennifer, JJ, Julie, and Ciara when she sneaks off. At the Dimera mansion Thomas, Lucas, Adrienne, Theo, and Chad settle in to wait it out.

Thursday, 9-22

Theo is watching Arianna and Thomas when the blackout starts. Hope and Aiden are together at the Brady Pub as Gabi and JJreconnect while inside a Panic Room.

Steve comes home to find Kayla and Joey being held hostage by Orpheus! He quickly realizes he has to take action to save his family.

Friday 9-23

Deimos lets Nicole know he got a court order to force Chloe to submit to a paternity test. Philip and Chloe turn to Kate to ask for some help. Eve believes that Justin is still in love with Adrienne.

Theresa and Brady's bad streak continues.

Orpheus, Xander, and Clyde have all vowed vengeance on various Salem residents. To make them even more dangerous, they are willing to pay with their lives to get it! We may possibly see one or more be killed instead of captured as this storyline plays out.

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