We have waited for weeks forthe terrible trio. The time has finally arrived. This week brings the nightmare we have known is coming to Days Of Our Lives!As Brady and Theresa prepare to exchange vows, they find out that Xander and Clyde have escaped but have no idea about Orpheus. Theresa becomes a bundle of nerves while Eve and Nicole, her bridal party,stay with her and try to keep her calm. Theresa spills something on her wedding dress and sends the others ahead to the mansion as she tries to get the stain out.

Orpheus makes his appearance in Salem

Orpheus makes his way to the mansion seeking revenge. Eve is the unlucky one he comes across first and he puts a gun on her to show the wedding guests he is serious. Victor makes the mistake of trying to bribe Orpheus to walk away. He is offended and turns his gun on Victor.John is shot as he steps in to try to gain control of the gun.

Theresa is still alone at the house as Xander arrives. He puts his hands around her throat and tries to squeeze the life out of her.

She manages to free herself just as Brady arrives and Xander runs away. This is the crossroads for Theresa. She finally decides tocome clean with Brady about her false accusations against Xander.

According to TV Source Magazine, by the end of the week Orpheus regroups with Xander and Clyde. They still have a plan of terror to execute! The next couple of weeks will be filled with plots of revenge and twists of terror.

Do they get the revenge they seek?

Other goings on around Salem

Deimos believes Chloe's baby is his.

Shawn and Belle disagree over a job offer she has received in Hong Kong.

At their first day of college, Ciara, Claire, Theo and Joey relax.

Gabi tries to get Sonny to open up about where things stand with Paul. She also spends some time with Chad discussing a benefit that is coming up.

Both Phillip and Sonny are worried about their friends and family with the escapees and their campaign of seekingrevenge.

Steve wants to protect Kayla from Orpheus.

Clyde begins a reign of terror on Kate.

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