Finding who is responsible for Tate's kidnapping is a pressing issue in Salem. Eyes have been on both Victor (John Aniston)and Deimos (Vincent Irizarry). The two are brothers with a very sorted past. Deimos served 30 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit because of his brother Victor. He has shown a willingness to forgive and move on but Victor has continued to hold a grudge.

Victor and Deimos find evidence

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the two will have to learn to work together in order to clear their names.

They will get the evidence to prove that Kate (Lauren Koslow)is behind the kidnapping. Nicole (Arianne Zucker)helps by finding another piece of the puzzle for the two as they are putting it together.

Kate has never gotten along with Victor on Days Of Our Lives. They have a long tumultuous past and have never trusted each other.They have caused problems for each other for years.As for Deimos, he castKate aside for his current love interest,Nicole. Kate had plotted the kidnapping of Tateto implicate the brothers in an attempt to get revenge.

She had hoped they would declare war on each other and end up fighting to the death.

When theKiriakis brothers firstapproach her, she of course denies it. Once confronted with cold hard evidenceshe has no option but to admit she is the one that was behind the kidnapping. She claims that young Tate was never in any danger but she had in fact been the one that ordered the kidnapping.

So who are they going to frame?

Victor and Deimos want nothing more than to take the evidence to the Salem PD and have Kate punished. Fortunately for her, however, she is an excellent planner. Kate has evidence against both of them for various crimes that could put them in jail. No choice for Victor and Deimos except to start looking for an innocent bystander to pin the kidnapping on as they scheme their revenge on Kate.

Another storyline with Kate shows a new set of problems. A prison break and a desire for revenge will put her in danger once again.

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