On today's episode of "Days Of Our Lives," the terrible trio will target Steve and Kayla's family. Find out what happens and if they survive the ordeal.

Hostage situation on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Spoilers reveal that on Wednesday's episode, Kayla will come home from the hospital. Steve runs out to get her prescription. Hope is supposed to be looking after Kaylabut decides to check on Caroline at the pub since Joey is home. After she leaves, the teenagergoes outside to call his girlfriend. This is when Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander sneak into the house. Joey walks back in and tries to help his mom, but Xander stops him.

When Steve returns, he finds Kayla and Joey are hostages.

Someone gets shot

At first, Steve keeps his anger in check on "Days Of Our Lives." While Orpheus is taking his time torturing the family, Clyde grows impatient. The three villains start arguing about whether to kill them or not. While they are bickering, Steve takes a chance and tries to save his family. During the scuffle, he is shot. Kayla is struck with fear when she thinks Steve is dead. However, he is wearing a bulletproof vest and is not injured.

Salem youth is kidnapped

Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander end up fleeing the scene. However, not before they take someone with them. The three Salem villainskidnap Steve and Kayla's son, Joey.

Will Steve and Kayla survive on 'Days Of Our Lives?'

The soap opera couple will physically survive the ordeal. In fact, Kayla nearly losing Steve makes her realize how much she loves him. This is the beginning of Steve and Kayla reuniting. However, their child is now missing. Three dangerous and unstable men have kidnapped Joey and they have no clue where the villains took him.

It isn't clear when Joey will be found. What has been revealed is that Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander will terrorize Salem for a few months. Let's hope Joey will be found safe before then.

What do you think is going to happen on "Days Of Our Lives?" Why did the three villains take Joey? Will he be found safe or will the escaped convicts harm the boy?

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