Days Of Our Lives spoilers for Friday's episode tease that some interesting tidbits may be revealed quite soon. Jennifer and Chad have been struggling with heartbreak since Abigail disappeared and supposedly died, but viewers got a glimpse of someone crying in a bed earlier in the week that most viewers believe is Abby. Teasers share that Jennifer's mother Laura will be popping up in the next show and she will have news to share with her daughter. Will this be about Abby?

Days of Our Livesteasers indicate that Abby is still alive

It is known that actress Kate Mansi has left the show and newcomer Marci Miller will debut in the role of Abby toward the end of the year.

Andre orchestrated the news of this supposed death, but it remains unknown just where Abigail is and who is helping her stay out of sight. Is Laura involved in this situation? Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps detail that Laura will show up at Jennifer's and seemingly have news to share. However, viewers will have to tune in to see what she is able to reveal.

Chad is also struggling with the loss of his wife and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that he will be talking to her spirit during Friday's episode. He will spend time in a chapel doing this, and according to SheKnows Soaps, he will be hoping to receive some guidance from her. How long will Chad and Jennifer remain in the dark about the fact that Abby is still alive?

The show has teased that Abigail will not be back on-screen in full until after Christmas, so there is quite some time yet before a full reunion is possible.

Can Jennifer and Chad come together in their grief?

Chad and Jennifer have been at odds with one another since Abby's disappearance, with both sinking into bad behaviors and fighting over custody of Thomas.

Chad has not shared everything he knows about Abigail's situation with Jennifer, and now fans wonder whether Jenn will share what Laura tells her with Chad.

Can Chad and Jennifer put aside their differences to work through their grief or will they remain at odds? Which one of them will first learn that Abigail is still alive?

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there are juicy twists and turns to come on this front throughout the fall and viewers will not want to miss seeing how it all plays out.

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