Days Of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that Eric Brady will be back in the mix of things soon in Salem and Greg Vaughan is stepping back into the role. Viewers were quite upset late last year when “DOOL” decided to cut the actor and send the character off to jail, but the door had been left open for a return and now it seems it is official.

When will Greg Vaughan start airing again on 'Days of Our Lives'?

Entertainment Weekly shares the news that Greg Vaughan is returning to “Days of Our Lives” and the role of Eric Brady and apparently he will first air again on January 17, 2017.

During Vaughan's time away from “DOOL” he appeared on the show “Lucifer,” and he also scored a great gig playing Calvin on OWN's “Queen Sugar.” However, Greg notes that his work on that series has come to an end and he was thrilled to be able to reconnect with those behind-the-scenes on "DOOL" and jump back onboard.

The actor says that he believes Eric's return will be huge and impactful, and there is little doubt about that given what led to this Brady family member's Salem exit last year. As viewers know, Dr.

Daniel Jonas died after Eric's drunken antics caused an accident and he had been developing a complicated relationship with Jennifer before being sent off to prison.

Eric Brady's return will shake things up in Salem

What lies ahead for Eric in his return to Salem? As Soap Central notes, no specific “Days of Our Lives” spoilers have emerged yet on this front. The reports on Vaughan's return do not detail how long Greg will be back in the role, but it sounds as if this is a long-term return.

There have been plenty of twists and turns lately with character arrivals and departures on “DOOL” given some regime changes and viewers will surely be glad to see this actor back in the mix of things.

What do you think the writers should do with the character of Eric Brady as he returns to Salem? Viewers were stunned and outraged to hear of the storyline that propelled the actor's exit and feel sure that his return can generate some exciting opportunities with multiple characters on the canvas.

Are you glad to hear that Greg Vaughan is returning to “Days of Our Lives”?

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