"Days Of Our Lives" has been intense this week. It doesn't look like things are going to calm down anytime soon. What is going to happen on Friday's episode of the NBC soap opera?

Brady and Theresa discover some unpleasant news

On Friday's episode of "Days Of Our Lives," Brady and Theresa are going to get some unsettling news. Spoilers don't reveal exactly what it is, but it must have to do with Xander. As fans know, the villain escaped prison with Clyde and Orpheus.

Theresa nearly lost her life and won't be able to rest until Xander is back behind bars.

However, an explosion went off, and power to the entire town is out. This is definitely going to cause Theresa Donovan to panic even more.

Eve makes an observation on 'Days Of Our Lives.'

Before Eve Donovan leaves Salem, she is going to make an observation about Justin Kiriakis. She will notice that he is not over Adrienne. With Lucas and Adrienne planning their wedding, will this affect their future? Could Adrienne still love Justin? Will the two end up getting back together or is Adrienne's new life with Lucas?

Chloe and Philip ask Kate for help

Chloe is pregnant, and Deimos is the father. Even though she denies this fact, he knows deep inside that he is the baby's biological father. On Friday's episode of "Days Of Our Lives," Chloe and Philip will ask Kate for help. She doesn't care for Chloe, but Philip will explain how helping them will benefit her.

Deimos lets Nicole know his next plan

Deimos Kiriakis is determined to prove that he is the father of Chloe's baby.

He tells Nicole that he can get a court order for a paternity test. Could this be the help that Chloe and Philip ask Kate for?

Will the paternity test results be switched before Deimos finds out the truth? It is a possibility since Chloe and Philip are both supposed to leave Salem by December. However, the truth will have to be revealed at some point. Things on soap operas just don't stay hidden forever.

What do you think is going to happen on "Days Of Our Lives?"

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