"Days Of Our Lives" fans should be excited about the newest casting information. It turns out that Greg Vaughan is reprising his role as Eric Brady. Find out when to expect him back in Salem.

What happened to Eric Brady on 'Days Of Our Lives?'

2016 began with a devastating death. Eric Brady drove drunk and ended up getting in a car accident, which caused the death of Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) on the long-running soap opera. He also nearly killed Brady Black (Eric Martsolf,) who ended up receiving Daniel's heart. Eric was sentenced to five years in prison. The last time he was seen in Salem was in April.

Greg Vaughan is returning to Salem

According to "Entertainment Weekly," Greg Vaughan confirmed he is returning to "Days Of Our Lives." The actor said he is excited to come back and believes Eric's journey will have a big impact on the character.

When will Eric come back to 'Days Of Our Lives?'

Fans will first see the character return to the television screens on January 17, 2017. Since the new co-head writers have taken over the soap opera, a lot of old characters are coming back. It isn't known if Greg's return will be short or long-term. However, fans are excited about him coming back to Salem.

Possible reasons for his return to 'DOOL.'

A lot of times on soap operas, prison inmates are released early.

This is likely the case for Eric Brady. Several weeks ago, it was mentioned on "DOOL" that he was doing well in prison. He has been making the most of his time behind bars working on recovering from alcoholism. Perhaps fans will also see him return to his faith. It will be interesting to see how Daniel's loved ones will react to Eric's release from prison.

What do you think of Greg Vaughan returning to "Days Of Our Lives?" What do you predict will happen with the character of Eric Brady once he comes back to Salem? How will Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) and Daniel's family be affected by this? Keep watching the NBC soap opera to find out.

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