Viewers will not want to miss Wednesday's episode of Days Of Our Lives. Spoilers share that Chad will turn to someone interesting to try to rebuild his family's empire while big news emerges regarding Tate's kidnapping. What else can everybody expect from the September 7 show?

The truth about Tate's kidnapping comes out onDays of Our Lives

Victor was being blamed for Tate's kidnapping and Deimos faced intense questions on this front as well. However, the two are now joining forces to find the truth and Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that answers are exposed during the next show.

Just who did orchestrate this situation? It turns out that Kate is behind this one, angling to cause turmoil between the Kiriakis brothers, and an intense confrontation is ahead on this front after the men set a trap for her.

Chad is trying to set aside his grief over Abigail and he is turning his focus to rebuilding DiMera Enterprises. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that he will ask Kate to help him, and he already has brought Belle on to assist. Will Kate have any interest in this offer, given everything else she has in the works at the moment?

JJ is back in the mix of things and with this next show and teasers note that he will reach out to Gabi to try to smooth things over in their relationship. Viewers will see Maggie considering Deimos' offer to have her move back into the Kiriakis mansion with Victor and it sounds as if she is struggling a bit with this one. Despite all of the chaos with Deimos earlier, at the moment it does seem that he is sincere in trying to repair all of the damage he is done.

Days of Our Lives teasers hint that villains will be heading to Salem soon

Days of Our Lives spoilers have been teasing turmoil on the way and things start to kick off on this front during Wednesday's episode. Clyde is in prison and he will be connecting with Orpheus, a former Salem villain who has not let go of his desire to bring down those he feels crossed him in the past. The two men will learn that they share some common goals and soon everybody will see that Xander is at the same prison and connects with them as well.

As the week continues, Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander will start to formulate a plan and next week they will escape and head to Salem. Brady and Theresa are ready to wed, but the villains put a stop to things and everybody will be scrambling for survival. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that things will get quite dramatic during these episodes and viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action on the way.

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