Chloe is pregnant on "Days Of Our Lives" and fans know the baby belongs to Deimos. However, she is keeping that a secret and pretending Philip is the baby daddy. Spoilers reveal that Deimos will force her to get a paternity test. However, the test results might be a surprise to Deimos.

Deimos Kiriakis gets a court order

According to the latest issue of "Soap Opera Digest,"Deimos Kiriakis is still confident that he is the father of Chloe's baby. However, she will not admit to it. So, Deimos asks for Justin's help and gets a court order for a paternity test.

Actor Vincent Irizarry told the magazine that 30 years were stolen from Deimos. Now that he has the woman he loves, Deimos wants his child.

Chloe and Philip are cornered at the doctor's office

On "Days Of Our Lives," Chloe and Philip will go to the doctor's office for an appointment. With a court order in hand, Deimos shows up and demands a paternity test. The doctor doesn't appreciate the drama. However, he legally has to comply with the court order. At this point, Chloe is probably in a panic.

Philip asks Kate for help on 'Days Of Our Lives'

"DOOL" spoilers reveal that Philip has a plan. He goes to his mother, Kate Roberts, for help. She is the last person who wants to help Chloe Lane. Philip would later explain how helping Chloe will be to Kate's advantage.

Will Deimos trust the paternity test results?

Nicole Walker was not happy when Deimos told her about being the father of Chloe's baby.

She cornered the pregnant woman and Chloe confessed. Nicole promised to keep the paternity a secret from Deimos. When he is told that Philip is the father of the child, Deimos is going to be in disbelief. Will he accept the test results or will he not be able to let it go? It could negatively affect Deimos and Nicole's relationship if he is not careful.

Will the truth about Chloe's baby ever come out?

Soap opera characters have tampered with paternity tests before. It works in the short-term, but something always happens that allows the truth to come out. Clyde Weston did this with Abigail Devereaux's baby. However, a medical condition revealed that Chad DiMera, and not Ben Weston was the father. Eventually, the truth will come out about Chloe's baby on "Days Of Our Lives." It isn't a matter of if, but when and how.

What do you think willhappen with Deimos, Chloe, Philip and Nicole on "Days Of Our Lives?"

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