This week on "Days Of Our Lives," Clyde Weston is getting revenge. On Thursday, the episode ended with the soap opera villain cornering Kate Roberts. Will Chad DiMera be able to save her before it's too late?

Clyde's targets include Kate

Orpheus, Xander and Clyde escaped from prison. Even though the police believe he is headed back home, Clyde Weston is actually in Salem. He has a lot of anger and bitterness towards certain people, including Kate Roberts. As fans recall, Clyde and Kate used to be an item until she dumped him.

He did not take the news well. On yesterday's episode of "Days Of Our Lives," Clyde ended up surprising Kate by breaking into the B&B. However, Clyde might be in for a surprise himself.

"DOOL" spoilers reveal Chad tries to play hero

What Kate and Clyde don't realize is that Chad DiMera is inside the B&B. He knows Clyde has Kate cornered and is waiting for an opportunity to rescue her. However, Clyde has a gun pointed at Kate. As far as viewers know, Chad doesn't have a weapon, so he needs to play this carefully.

He can't just jump in and rescue her or they could both end up getting killed.

Will Kate Roberts be rescued?

There are no reports of Lauren Koslow leaving "Days Of Our Lives," so fans are hopeful that Kate Roberts will survive the ordeal. Based on the fact that next week Chad hides with Gabi in a panic room is a big hint that he will survive. What goes down between now and then is unknown. It seems likely that Kate will be saved but Clyde will apparently escape.

That is known becausenext week there is more danger coming and an innocent child could be at risk.

Chad's son also in danger on "Days Of Our Lives"

Next week, Clyde will focus on getting revenge against Chad. While he and Gabi are in a panic room, Thomas and Ari are being looked after by Theo. The lights go out and Theo is faced with a tough decision. "DOOL" spoilers tease that Clyde plans on kidnapping Thomas and giving the boy to Ben Weston.

Hopefully, that won't happen. Brady and Theresa just got baby Tate back. It is too soon for another abduction mystery.

What do you think is going to happen with Clyde and Kate on "Days Of Our Lives?"

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