It is time for Theresa and Brady's wedding, and Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease that chaos is about to erupt. Previews have already revealed that Xander, Clyde, and Orpheus will return to Salem and disrupt the big day, but now actress Jen Lilley is sharing additional tidbits about what goes down.

Theresa and Brady's wedding begins soon onDays of Our Lives

According to Soap Central, the week of September 12 will feature the big event, but the chaos that ensues with the return of Orpheus, Xander, and Clyde endangers many Salemites and teasers hint that not everybody will survive. These three men recently connected in prison and immediately started scheming and now they are ready to carry out their plans.

Will Theresa die at Xander's hand? Days of Our Lives spoilers have detailed that Lilley will be leaving the show soon, but there have also been hints that the departure may not be permanent.

Soap Hub talked with Lilley and she shared that there will be some sweet moments between Theresa and Brady just ahead of the wedding starting. Eve will be back, but Theresa will be quite disappointed that Kim and Shane are not there. Interestingly, however, it has been revealed that Shane and Kim will be back in Salem quite soon after all.

How do things go awry with thisDays of Our Lives wedding?

Nicole and Eve will be helping Theresa get ready to walk down the aisle, but then she spills soda on her dress.

She sends the ladies and Tate away, noting that she will take care of the stain, and Xander arrives as she is there alone. As she is facing Xander, Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Orpheus shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and he is confronting the wedding guests. He grabs Eve and rants that everybody there needs to die.

Xander will begin to strangle Theresa, but Days Cafe teases that he runs after she fights back. In addition, Orpheus ends up leaving the Kiriakis mansion, apparently without killing anybody. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that these villains aren't done terrorizing Salem yet.

Do Theresa and Brady go on to get married or will the nuptials be put on hold at this point?

Will anybody ultimately die as these three men wreck havoc on the town? Fans are definitely buzzing over these Days of Our Lives spoilers and cannot wait to see where things head next.

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