On Days Of Our Lives, Chad DiMera is in the middle of a custody battle with his mother-in-law, Jennifer Horton. Spoilers reveal that Lucas and Adrienne are going to move into the mansion to help with childcare. However, the grieving father is having doubts about allowing them to take baby Thomas outside. Is he being paranoid or does Chad have a good reason to worry?

Too much has happened too soon

Chad DiMera has gone through so much in a short period of time. He and Abigail were nearly burned to death by Ben Weston. He found out Thomas was really his son. Chad married Abby, but her hallucinations worsened and she had to be hospitalized.

Then, after setting a fire, an injured Abby ran away and is now allegedly dead. To top things off, Jennifer is trying to take Thomas away from him and Ciara Brady blurted out her love for Chad as he was grieving the loss of his wife. With so much going on, it is understandable that he wants to keep his son close.

Jennifer is a threat and can be dangerous

In the past, Jennifer Horton was a sweet lady who was often called the "goody two shoes" of Salem. However, nobody could have predicted that she would become addicted to prescription medication. She has been begging Chad to let her have Thomas and then throws her credibility out the window by relapsing. On a recent episode of Days Of Our Lives, she couldn't believeChad was using her addiction against her.

Jennifer is no longer the sweet woman fans once knew. She is determined to get Thomas no matter what and is smearing Chad's name all over town. The DOOL character is a threat and if she uses drugs or drinks alcohol again, she could be dangerous.

Chad doesn't want to lose another family member

Billy Flynn's character has no one left in Salem.

His father, Stefano DiMera, is dead. His wife is no longer living, or at least that is what Andre wants everyone to think. Chad also doesn't have a good relationship with Andre. This means that baby Thomas is the only person Chad has left in the world. He is scared and desperate to keep his son safe.

Tate's kidnapping may worry the 'Days Of Our Lives' character

Brady and Theresa's son, Tate, was kidnapped in broad daylight. Even though the infant has been returned, it must make every parent in Salem concerned about their own children. The DiMera name does not have a good reputation and Chad's relatives all had enemies and shady business associates. If someone wanted to prove a point or get money, they would go after a DiMera.

Control over Jennifer's access to Thomas

The reason could be a lot more simple, of course. Perhaps Chad just wants to limit how often Jennifer gets to see her grandson. Lucas and Adrienne are supposed to be neutral, as stated in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest.

He trusts them, but still might be worried that they will take Thomas to visit with Jennifer.

Why do you think Chad DiMera is worried about Thomas leaving the mansion with Lucas and Adrienne on Days Of Our Lives?

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