"Days Of Our Lives" may be seeing an interesting new couple take shape. Chad DiMera and Gabi Hernandez have seemingly been growing closer over the past month. The two, who had a fling in the past, have bonded over being single parents, and have been seen reminiscing over their high school days together. However, there is one big problem with Chad and Gabi getting close, and that's Gabi's boyfriend, J.J. Deveraux.

New romance brewing on 'Days of Our Lives?'

Gabi is currently dating J.J.

and the two are adorable together. J.J. has grown to really care for Gabi, but unfortunately he's been more than a little preoccupied since his sister Abigail's death. J.J. believes that Abigail's husband, Chad, is the reason that his sister ended up dead. However, as many "Days of Our Lives" fans already know, Abigail isn't dead. The role has been recast with actress Marci Miller, and the character will be returning to Salem very soon. Unfortunately, she may be returning home to find her husband with another woman if Chad's relationship with Gabi continues to grow.

Everyone loves Chad.

Meanwhile, J.J. already has it out for Chad, and if he and Gabi began a relationship J.J. might lose it. This week, J.J.'s mother, Jennifer Horton, told him to spend every minute he can with the woman he loves. Hopefully for J.J. it's not too late to save his relationship with Gabi. Unfortunately, the old feelings that Gabi used to feel for Chad may be creeping back in, as it seems no woman can resist his charms.

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Recently, Ciara Brady fell in love with Chad while working as a nanny for his son Thomas. Ciara confessed her love for Chad who did not reciprocateher feelings. Ciara then left Chad's employment and started to mend her broken heart.

Abigail's return to shock Chad.

All of this relationship drama involving Chad should come to a boiling point when Abigail returns to Salem to reveal that she's alive and well.

Perhaps Abby will have a story about faking her death, or being help prisoner by someone such as Chad's brother Andre. Until that time, "Days of Our Lives" fans will be keeping an eye on Chad and Gabi to see if anything becomes of their recent flirtation.

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