"Days Of Our Lives" fans may beabout to say goodbye to another Salem resident. This time it seems that Aiden Jennings will be the unlucky character who is killed off. As many "DOOL" viewers know, Aiden was previously killed off the show by Bo Brady, but later is was revealed that the DiMera family had actually sent in a doppelganger to take his place. Aiden was then locked in a cell for months, and later escaped to return to Salem.

Aiden's return shocked his former love, Hope Brady, as well as his troubled son, Chase. Sadly, Aiden has become a bit of a villain on the soap opera, and will seemingly not be overly missed by fans if he leaves.

Aiden Jennings leaving Salem?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, actor Daniel Cosgrove will allegedly be leaving "Days of Our Lives," and his character Aiden Jennings could be killed. Aiden will possibly die at the hands of the escaped convicts, Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus, who are currently terrorizing Salem.

As many fans know, Clyde and Aiden have history together, and it's not exactly good. Clyde is reportedly set to fire a gun into a group of Salem residents. Reports suggest that he'll shoot Abe Carver, but Aiden may also be on his hit list.

Aiden's plot to take down Hope and Rafe

Meanwhile, Aiden is currently plotting against his former love, Hope Brady, and her current boyfriend, Rafe Hernandez. Aiden, who is the district attorney, caught Hope and Rafe talking about how they killed Stefano DiMera.

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Aiden secretly recorded the couple admitting to the murder and likely plans to blackmail them. Fortunately for Hope and Rafe, if Aiden is killed off then it will eliminate a huge problem for them. Sadly, it will leave Aiden's son, Chase, without any parents. Chase, who is currently in a mental hospital, has had many issues in the past. However, the biggest to date seems to be the fact that he was arrested for raping his step-sister, Ciara Brady.

So many deaths

If Aiden Jennings is killed off "Days of Our Lives" he will be the latest in the long line of characters, such as EJ DiMera, Will Horton, Paige Larson, Bo Brady, and Daniel Jonas, who have died on the NBC soap in the past two years.

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