"Days Of Our Lives" is filled with chaos and fear as the prison escapees are loose in Salem. With such broad and evil plans for vengeance it seems that no one is safe.

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) have had a rough go of it the last few months. It is clear that they do love each other but they are finding it difficult to stand oncommon ground. Steve likes adventure and dangerwhile Kayla wants him to settle down and live a more normal life. He is determined, however, to prove to her that he is the man for her until the end of time. Steve stands by her as she recovers from her surgery, wanting her to know how much he truly loves her and is willing to change to be withher.

Steve confronts Orpheus as he holds Kayla and Joey hostage.

"Celebrity Dirty Laundry" tells us that as Steve moves back in to prove his love and devotion to Kayla things go sideways as they tend to do in Salem. One evening Steve will return home to find Orpheus (George DelHoyo)holding Kayla and Joey (James Lastovic) hostage! Steve realizes quickly that he has to take extreme measures to save his family.

Spoilers tell us a blackout is coming to Salem. We can only ponder that Orpheus and his partners in crime are possibly behind it. But could a blackout actually work against them instead of in their favor? Is Orpheus left to fight Steve in the dark?

Could Orpheus be killed instead of captured?

There are rumors that Orpheus won't be returning to prison for this spree of crime since he escaped.

He sat in jail for 30 years scheming twisted plans to terrorize and kill residents of Salem but could he be the one that dies? Possibly in the dark from the blackout while battling Steve who is fighting to save Kayla and Joey? We will have to wait and see but there is thepossibility of Steve being the one to end Orpheus's reign of terror.

All of the prison escapees have vowed vengeance and are willing to pay with their lives to get it. In the case of Orpheus, we know that John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) are his main targets. The decades he sat in prison gave him plenty of time to come up with a list of targets in Salem.

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