The fans of Days Of Our Lives can feel the excitement growing as Xander, Clyde, and Orpheus make their way to Salem. Their plan for revenge will create a twisted and dangerous tale.

The wedding day for Brady and Theresa has finally arrived but the excitement is overshadowed with fear as they learn of the prison break. Eve and Nicole do what they can to calm Theresa but her nerves get the better of her. She spills something on her wedding gown and makes the mistake of sending her bridal party ahead of her to the mansion.

As she works on the stain, Xander appears!

Xander finds Theresa

Brady, fearing for Theresa's safety, rushes to her. He gets there just in time to see Theresa freeing herself from Xander's grip on her throat as he attempts to strangle her! Xander flees before Brady can catch him leaving him on the run and able to try again to kill Theresa or his other target Nicole! The good that comes from all of this is that Theresa finally comes clean to Brady about her false rape accusation against Xander.

Clyde's plot for revenge

Clyde wants revenge on Kate, his former girlfriend. According to Inquisitr he will begin a campaign of terror on her. With the level of violence we have seen from Clyde in the past, Kate is in serious danger. Spoilers indicate that Chad will step in to be Kate's hero at some point. The two have a very sorted past and lots of bad blood between them. Could Chad be killed by Clyde?

Orpheus opens fire

Orpheusis the most violent and lethal of the three. We know his main targets are John, Marlena, and of course his original target from all those years ago, Roman. He is unhinged enough to make anyone that stands in his way a target as well.Orpheus will find his way to Theresa and Brady's wedding where he will make Eve his hostage. He will begin to point his gun at the wedding guests and shoot in the direction of Victor.

John will jump in to try to save Victor but we know from spoilers he will be shot! Does John die from the shot?

Will the terrible trio bring death to Salem as they seek revenge? We will find out over the next few weeks.

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