Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander escaped from prison and are terrorizing everyone on "Days Of Our Lives." It has been two weeks and the trio still has not been caught. How much longer will they hurt the Salem residents? It turns out they will be seeking revenge a lot longer than viewers think.

Eduardo is responsible for the trio escaping

Eduardo did not mean for the three prisoners to escape. However, what's done is done and there is no changing that. On Monday's episode of "Days Of Our Lives," Eduardo will tell John that he was responsible.

It isn't clear how John will respond to the news. His family and friends are at risk, not to mention he was shot by Orpheusat Brady and Theresa's wedding.

'DOOL' spoilers reveal the trio's next plan

This week, Orpheus, Xander Cook, and Clyde Weston will acquire explosives. It is known that an explosionwill cause the power to go out. When the lights suddenly turn off, Theo is looking after Thomas and Ari. He will be faced with a tough situation since he is responsible for keeping the children safe.

Meanwhile, Chad and Gabi will be in a panic room inside the DiMera mansion. Clyde plans on kidnapping Thomas and giving the child to Ben Weston. Also, the three villains will hold Kayla and Joey hostage.

More Salem residents will be hurt

While arguing whether to kill Kayla's family, Steve takes a risk and tries to save his family. He ends up getting shot and the trio flees, taking Joey with them. In this moment, Kayla realizes how much she loves Steve.

Thankfully, he wore a bulletproof vest and is not injured. However, now Joey has been kidnapped by three very dangerous men.

When will Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander's storyline end on 'Days Of Our Lives?'

"Days Of Our Lives" new co-head writing team, Dena Higley and Ryan Quan, spoke to "Soap Opera Digest" about what to expect. They revealed that the storyline with Clyde Weston and the other two convicts will last a few months.

That's right, the terror is not going to end anytime soon. However, the trio has not been successful in their revenge tactics so far. Salem residents will band together and there will be some heroic acts of courage.

What do you think will happen next on "Days Of Our Lives?"

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