"Days Of Our Lives" has issued a casting call for a sex addicted professor. If he ends up working at Salem University, will any of the college kids on the soap opera be affected?

Casting call details

The "Days Of Our Lives" casting notice is seeking to fill the role of "Scooter." The actor should be between 35-45 years of age. The character is described as being a handsome, eccentriec,and elitist math professor. Filming begins later this month, which means viewers will meet him on television screens in February or March 2017.

Will professor work at Salem University?

Salem is a small town and there doesn't seem to be any other schools nearby, so Scooter will probably teach at the local university. Yes, the same school where Theo, Joey, Claire, and Ciara attend.

Could Claire or Ciara get involved with the professor?

One theory is that Claire or Ciara could get involved with the math professor. This wouldn't be good since he is addicted to sex. Ciara Brady has already had a few storylines revolving around dating and sex. She was assaulted by her step-brother, Chase Jennings.

She also developed a crush on her married employer, Chad DiMera. So far, Claire hasn't really had any relationship storylines except for her kissing Theo Carver. Perhaps she will be the one to get involved with Scooter.

Will Marlena help the 'Days Of Our Lives' character?

Marlena is a therapist and helps everyone in Salem. Perhaps Scooter already knows he has a problem and seeks help. It would not be a good thing for a college professor to get involved with students.

This is especially true if he has a sex addiction.

How 'DOOL' is creating awareness

Scooter will appear in multiple episodes. There is a good chance that "Days Of Our Lives" will use this story to create awareness about a taboo subject. The soap opera has created controversy in the past with their storylines on bullying, autism, alcoholism, drug use, prescription pill dependence, and rape. However, those topics did create a discussion online and helped raise awareness.

They even have had a few mental illness storylines, but those were not carried out very well.

What do you think is going to happen with Scooter and the storyline with a sex addicted math professor on "Days Of Our Lives?"

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