According to a new report from the Entertainment Weekly news crew, you guys can indeed expect to see the return of actorGreg Vaughan (left), to reprise his Eric Brady character on NBC's hit soap opera show, "Days Of Our Lives." They also report that he's scheduled to return on January 17th, 2017. They didn't say whether that's the onscreen date or his return to set. We're guessing it's probably his onscreen date.

Eric's return will be really impactful and huge

Greg also made a statement about his return to "Days Of Our Lives," and revealed that he's very excited to reunite with the cast and crew.

He went on to say that he thinks his return is going to be very huge and impactful, so that sounds very promising.

What Greg has been up to since leaving 'DOOL' earlier this year

Greg had originally joined the "Days Of Our Lives"crew as Eric Brady way back in 2012. Then he decided to leave earlier this year to try his hand at some other acting jobs, landing roles on FOX's new hit drama, "Lucifer" and one of the Oprah Winfrey Network shows: "Queen Sugar" as character Calvin.

Also, "Days Of Our Lives" isn't the only soap that Greg has appeared in, because he apparently played character, Diego Gutierrez, on CBS' hit soap opera show, "The Young And The Restless" before showing up on the "DOOL" set.

Look for characters, Carrie Brady and Austin Reed, to return

In related news, you guys can expect to also see the return of characters, Austin Reed and Carrie Brady! Austin is, of course, played by actor, Austin Peck. Actress, Christie Clark plays Carrie. Currently, their expected onscreen return date is set for early 2017 sometime. We'll get a more specific return date if one becomes available in the coming weeks or months.Unfortunately, we also don't have the details of what Carrie and Austin will be doing when they return, so that's another line of intel we'll need to look out for in the future weeks and months.

New character, Scooter, is on his way

Also, be sure to look for a new character, named Scooter, to arrive at some point as the crew recently put out a casting call for his character. They described him as a 35 to 45-year-old male that's a handsome, eccentric, elitist math professor with a sex addiction. Whoever gets hired for the role, is set to start filming this month. Stay tuned.

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