"Dancing With The Stars" has become more than just a dance competition for thecelebrity contestantsthrough the years. Stars from the past and the present have reported Side Effects that come along with the grueling practice and routines.

So far this season it'sAmber Rose reporting the most residual effects from this gig,as her time on the show hasbecome a way to tone up and drop weight. Rose recently shared on her podcast that she's dropped 8 to 10 pounds on "Dancing with the Stars." Believe it or not this reality dancing contest has also put NFL quarterbacks on many different teams on guard.

This comes after a linebacker is now on top of his game in this season of the NFL after one season of 'DWTS!'

Side effects of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Amber Rose still has a long way to goyet on the show, but only if she stays on top with her dancing routine. By the time the show ends others are bound to step up to share the extra benefits they have seen from their dancing and practice on this show.

Whether it be gaining confidence that they can use in everyday life or the most traditional reveal of toning up, there's a lot celebs take away from "DWTS." In today's headlines it is a sports figure who credits "Dancing with the Stars" for one of the best starts he has had in the NFL in all the years he's been playing.

NFL linebacker cuts a rug and then cuts up the field?

You might not expect an NFL linebacker getting much use out of cutting a rug in between football seasons, but think again. Von Miller is back playing ball for the Denver Broncos as a linebacker to be reckoned with this season. He believes it is what he learned from "Dancing with the Stars" that allows him to play like he is playing today.

So what did Von Miller take away from the show that has him turning heads and "terrorizing NFL quarterbacks this season?" According to "WCPO Sports News," it wasn't so much the dance moves and the exercise that gave Miller that boost in the field, it was the "consistent" hours of practicing that got him ready.

Von Miller hones in on 'consistent'

Miller said that he practices 2-hours a day with his team, but when he showed up for practice with his partner for "Dancing with the Stars" that lasted 6-hours. He did those 6-hour practices everyday and he believes it is that consistent dedication to that practice that changed something for him.

Von Miller said how he already had the "agility" and the "flexibility" he needed as a linebacker, but he needed to hone in on the consistent piece that he learned while on the show. He said when he applied being consistent with practice for something he was already good at, he ended up with one of the best starts to a season he's ever had.

Not about the dance steps!

Miller is quick to acknowledge that dancing and tackling football players are the polar opposite of each other, but he still sees a link between the two.

He believes the work that you put into becoming a great dancer has a "direct correlation" to the "work you have to put in" if you want to to become a great football player.He did this work on "Dancing with the Stars" and he is now seeing it pay off.

So what are others in the NFL world seeing in Miller this season? The Bengals coach sees Miller as a linebacker on top of his game. Coach Marvin Lewis said to reporters that Miller is "playing exceptional again." He went on to say there aren't many like Miller in the NFL!

From dance floor to NFL moves!

It looks as if Miller has discovered a different kind of work ethics from his gig on "Dancing with the Stars." It is much like training ethics of the Olympic players.

It's about the practice and being that consistent with his practice is paying off as today he has the "NFL-best four sacks through two weeks." These sacks along with many other plays through the first games of the season has Von Miller on top again!

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