The Season 23 premiere of Dancing With The Stars brought plenty of buzzworthy action, but the moment that really got people talking was the bizarre situation that happened right after Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke finished their dance. Just as Carrie Ann Inaba was sharing her remarks, something strange happened and DWTS fans are still trying to figure out exactly what went down.

What happened to Ryan Lochte on theDWTS premiere?

As the camera was on Carrie Ann on half the screen, and a replay of part of Ryan and Cheryl's dance played on the other half of the screen, Inaba stopped mid-sentence to tell someone to back off.

Soon several figures rushed by the cameras and when host Tom Bergerson, Ryan, and Cheryl were back on camera, Burke at the very least looked a bit shaken up. Did someone try to get to Lochte?

Lynette Rice of Entertainment Weekly tweeted that someone who was clearly not a fan of Lochte's had rushed the stage and that the crowd was chanting off-camera. George Pennacchio of ABC7 tweeted a photo of two guys seemingly in handcuffs wearing shirts noting that they are anti-Lochte sitting on a bench, apparently in custody.

Of course, Ryan is a controversial figure this season on Dancing With the Stars due to the chaos he was involved in during the Rio Olympics.

Some would say that it was perhaps too soon for him to join DWTS with the goal of rehabilitating his image, while others think that he deserves a second chance. Other premiere Dancing With the Starsperformances, like Laurie Hernandez's piece with partner Val Chmerkovskiy, went off without a hitch, but social media was definitely distracted by what happened with Ryan.

Chaos erupted after theDWTS Lochte incident

Glamour's Jessica Radloff was backstage just after the incident, and she shared on Snapchat that nobody back there seemed to know what had happened in that chaotic moment. Luckily, security seemingly jumped in before these guys could get all that close to Ryan, it would appear, but this is not something that has ever happened in the Dancing With the Stars ballroom before.

There may have been plenty of buzzworthy performances during this Season 23 premiere, but what has captured everybody's attention is this bizarre moment of one or two guys trying to rush the stage after Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke's performance. Tom Bergerson kept the show moving, but Dancing With the Stars fans will be quite curious to see if more information on the situation soon emerges.

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