The long-anticipated premiere of Dancing With The Stars aired tonight. With much excitement America tuned in to see the newcontestants with their partners debuting their moves. The show was being taped while airing live.

Good Morning America had Ryan Lochte and Laurie Hernandez as guests for the announcement of the contestants. While both are Olympians, Lochte has some controversy surrounding his time in Rio. He and some other swimmers had been kicked out of a taxi at a gas station after an evening outin Rio.

They lied to the police saying they had been held at gunpoint when in fact they had not. Later it was discovered that Lochte had caused damage to a restroom at the gas station. This controversy cost him his reputation and caused him to get a 10 month suspension from swimming.

What did the protestor do?

Dancing With the Stars was live tonight when Ryan Lochte and his partner CherylBurke performed. Just after the performance the judges were giving their thoughts on the performance when there was a disturbance.

An anti-Lochte protestor stormed the stage yelling "Liar!"The man had to be subdued by security and the show quickly went to a commercial. ABC News reports that there were at leasttwo men handcuffed for running up onto the stage. So far there is no word of whether or not Lochte was actually attacked.

But the show must go on!

According to NY Daily News, the host of the show, Tom Bergeron, maintained his cool under pressure during all ofthis.

He simply explained that there had been an incident and he was glad the security staff stayed in shape. Like a true professional, the show did go on!

Lochte was a controversial choice for a contestant from the beginning. Many social media posts were negative regarding the incident in Rioand the fact that he could possibly still be charged for his crimes there while representingour country as an Olympian.If Lochte continues on the show this may not be the last incident we hear of regarding protestors.

We can expect, however, for security to be much tighter around Dancing With the Stars.

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