Ryan Lochte is threatening to do something a bit bizarre to stay alive on 'Dancing With The Stars' Monday night after he was just a stone's throw away from elimination last week. His partner Cheryl Burke thinks Lochte's suggestion is so drastic that she quips how he might just want to "save that for later."

No easy feat

As ET suggests, Lochte will go down in history as a "Dancing with the Stars" contestant who had one of the "roughest starts" on the show's dance floor. The Olympic Gold Medal winner had his towel ready to toss into the ring after the protesters stormed the floor during his first dance critique.

Odd part of the show - so he thought!

It was while Carrie An Inaba was wearing her judge's hat and going over Lochte's premiere moves on the dance floor that these protesters made themselves known. At first Lochte thought this was part of the show, but at the same time he was thinking to himself that this wasn't funny.

When he realized he was actually targeted by people not affiliated with "Dancing with the Stars" he became extremely upset, but not for himself, it was his mom and his partner Cheryl he was most concerned about. Lochte didn't think it was fair to put Cheryl through this and he also worried about his mom who was sitting in the audience when this went down.

Ready to throw in the towel

His dancing partner wouldn't hear of him quitting after all his hard work preparing for this show. His mom reminded him he wasn't a quitter after all he'd been through in his life, like working so hard to make it to theOlympics as one of the nation's top swimmers. She wasn't about to let him quit the dancing now and especially over the outside friction.

Fight for immunity

They urged Lochte to stay on course and he did. Now after last week's nail-biting while waiting to see who stays and who goes, he realizes he is lucky to still be there. Luck goes just so far and Lochte realizes he's got to up his game. He is going up against IndyCar driver, James Hinchcliffe when the remaining 12 contestants fight for immunity in what ET calls an "extra twist" in the show Monday night.

This entails the couples all cutting a rug to the same style dance, but each couple does this to a different song. The contestant who will win the elimination pass is the contestant with the highest score!

What Lochte needs to work on the most is ditching his swimmer's posture, the one that's taken him over 25 years to perfect. It's a dancer's posture that he needs to present on Monday night which is something his partner Cheryl has echoed a few times to the star swimmer!

Lochte's threatens a secret, risque move?

So, what is that secretmove thatLochte threatens to unleash to help him win Monday night's cha cha dance? He said that he might just have to strip off his clothes when he walks out onto the floor!

This is a move Cheryl would rather table for later. From the sound of things, these two are ready to give it their all to ensure there is a "later" on the show!

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