"Dancing With The Stars" contestant Ryan Lochte was spotted with his girlfriend Kayla Reid leaving one of West Hollywood's dining hot spots on Saturday night after having dinner.

The Olympic swimmer seems very comfortable around Hollywood as does his girlfriend who donned a top that was very similar to something Kim Kardashianmight wear. It was one of those numbers where you find yourself asking is that even street legal? Kayla's a model, so she wears it well!

At home around Hollywood

Although Lochte looked at ease after taking in nourishment with his girlfriend, he was very forthcoming the day before about not being at ease when he first hit the dance floor.

When interviewed about how his "Dancing with the Stars" gig is no easy feat. One might think that his Olympic Swimming was hard, but according to Lochte, "Dancing with the Stars" is much tougher than his professional swimming!

Fish out of water

He used the term "like a fish out of water" when describing just how he felt on the dance floor.

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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing is much harder than swimming, said Lochte. He came to "Dancing with the Stars" with the mind set that "this was going to be a piece of cake." He had a rude awakening once he started learning the moves and participating in those grueling practices.

Needs work on posture?

He told Mario Lopez during his Extra interview that he feels very lucky that he was given Cheryl Burke as his partner. He really doesn't believe he would have made it this far without her, according to Just Jared.

So how does Cheryl feel about her partner? He's everything that you'd ask for in a dance partner. She said he shows up on time and while he is there he gives it his all.

She callsLochteamazing and she said that he is willing to learn the moves, but she then added that this doesn't come natural to him. She does see a need for him to work on his posture, which he has been addressing in the practices.

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