Ryan Lochte's biggest problem on the "Dancing With The Stars" dance floor is his posture. Cheryl Burke describes his posture and explains why it is not an easy task for Lochte to change this. She actually said that he has a hump on his back from swimming and his arms are really long. Although his body has been shaped perfectly for swimming, it's a bit of a problem when it comes to dancing.

Hump on back and long arms

This week he will be going head to head against another contestant couple in a different dance venue for the "Dancing with the Stars"show.

Both Lochte and Burke will do the Cha-Chaas will James and Sharna. Burke explains that this has Lochte a nervous wreck. She continues to remind him about his posture, but he's been swimming for most of his life and that swimming posture is there to stay!

New twist in venue

Both couples, Ryan and Cheryl and James and Sharna will basically be performing in a dance-off and while both duos will be doing the same dance, they will be doing this to separate songs. The other couples will all be paired to do the same thing, but to different dances like the Salsa and Tango.

One couple from each pairing of this dance-off will win and will be safe from the elimination process on Tuesday night. The other couple will lose and end up as one of six couples that will be in jeopardy of going home when the elimination process takes place.

Tight hips not conducive to the Cha-Cha

Burke said that Lochte is extremely nervous about the competition, especially because he has to really loosen up to do the Cha-Cha and his hips are not that fluid in movement.

He is also on the edge because James and Sharna got great scores last week, so he's going up against a top couple. Lochte gets really nervous before they step out on the dance floor in front of the audience, which is what Burke told People Magazine.

Posture, posture and more posture!

Ryan actually shakes and Cheryl has got to calm him down before they hit the dance floor.

She is constantly telling him to hold his head up, which is a suggestion she makes over and over again to him while they are on the dance floor and all eyes are on them. Her major contribution to teaching Ryanto dance is the "countless hours" she has spent advising him to keep his posture "right."

He'll be nervous on Monday night!

So Monday night when you see Lochte take the dance floor,you'll know that he has already spent some time literally shaking behind the scenes. She also stresses the importance of people voting because that is what will keep them on the show!

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