After four seasons away from Dancing With The Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy is returning to the ABC dancing competition, but the reason this dancing professional left the show still exists. Leading up to Maksim's departure, rumors ran rampant that an intense rivalry had developed betweenChmerkovskiy and fellow dancer, Derek Hough.

The competition between the two professionals that it seemed only a matter of time before the two either came to blows or one was forced off of the series. Taking his exit before anything that serious developed, Maks looked ahead to a brighter future, free from the heat of competition.

Now, as he is set to return, the famous dancer opens up about that feud.

Maksim wanted to explain why he has decided to return to Dancing with the Starsand, in doing so, he describes a daily life of giving the same lessons over and over, finding monotony had become his greatest enemy.

The cure for those doldrums was to return to DWTS, whereChmerkovskiy found that the negativity he felt throughout his previous tours with the show was no longer present. His experience with the guests and fellow dancers was no longer as tumultuous as it had once been.

Will Maksim and Derek face off on Dancing with the Stars?

Faced with the question of his rivalry with Derek Hough, Maksim seemed eager to wipe the slate clean."I don’t have a rivalry with Derek. Derek may have a rivalry with me, but I don’t have one," said Mr.Chmerkovskiy.

Maks added that he has never had a problem with Derek, adding that he was merely voicing the opinions shared by many in the series.

Implying that the real problem had been with the Dancing with the starsproducers,Chmerkovskiy points out that the show's management team has gone through some big changes since he last appeared on the ABC series.

In spite of the past drama Maksim has faced over voicing his concerns, he says he will still continue to speak his mind. He realizes that may alienate some people, but he says being so outspoken has done more good for himself than it has negatively impacted his life.

"I have a new understanding that there is more than one way of getting things done. We’ll see if I can exercise that. If not, I’ll go back to saying crazy s--t," says MaksimChmerkovskiy.

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