"Dancing With The Stars" has given us two chances to see the cast perform. The scores are tallied by adding the scores and votes from both the first and second performances. Historically, the bottom two are the ones who are at risk of being sent home first for the season.

Take a look at the Leaderboard.

63 points     Laurie Hernandez

60 points     James Hinchcliffe

57 points     Terra Jole

56 points     Kenny "Babyface" Edmunds, James Kramer,  Marilu Henner

54 points     Calvin Johnson

51 points     Vanilla Ice

48 points     Maureen McCormick, Ryan Lochte, Amber Rose

46 points     Jake T.



42 points     Rick Perry

With history as a predictor, either Jake T. Austin or Rick Perry will be leaving tonight. Many expect it to be Rick Perry but Jake T. Austin is a strong candidate for elimination as well. Buddy TV predicts Jake T. Austin will be the one eliminated.

Will Rick or Jake say goodbye?

Last night Rick Perry and Emma Slater did the Quickstep to the "Green Acres" theme song. The farm setting was very appropriate for the dance and all looked great...

then the dancing began. Rick was rigid through the performance though he still showed improvement over last week. He just doesn't seem to bend in the knees and his steps are heavy rather than smooth.

Jake T. Austin and Jenna Johnson did the Cha Cha to "Go, Diego, Go" theme song. He showed improvement over last week as well but still was told by the judges that he was ahead of the music. He made a couple of mistakes but did his best to come back from them quickly.


Laurie Hernandez is the one to watch!

Laurie Hernandez, at the other end of the Leaderboard, did an amazing job last night. Her performance was lighthearted and fun. She made it look easy. Her personality showed through and you could tell she really had fun during the performance with Valentin Chmerkovskiy. She is one to watch this season as early predictors are talking about her and trophy.

The elimination show will last for two hours this evening.

It begins at 8PM, 7PM Central time. Along with the elimination we will be shown un-aired footage as well as a preview for a Country music video.

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