Another season of 'Dancing With The Stars' has launched and another celebrity is gushing about getting whipped into shape and losing weight from the grueling workout needed to keep going on this show. Amber Roseis already reaping the benefits of her hours and hours of daily dancing as she cuts a rug through season 23 of the show.

Another toned and happy dancer?

The 32-year-old outspoken celebrity said she's toned up from her 4-5 hours of dancing each day. Amber is also proud to say that she's dropped 8-10 pounds while doing this. While the celebs make the dancing look rather easy on the screen, Amber Rose said you wouldn't believe the amount of time you have to dedicate to this show.

After spending more than half a day, everyday, dancing with your partner, there's another few hours you spend on the phone talking over what you need to work on.

She loses weight and finds a new friend!

So what does Amber Rose think about "Dancing with the Stars" now that she's spent weeks preparing and then dancing? She describes her thoughts on her new gig as "having the time of my life." Rose finds it physically demanding, which is something most contestants, past and present, have said when describing the "DWTS"venue.

Grueling schedule

Amber Rose talked about her trying schedule for "Dancing with the Stars" during her podcast "Loveline with Amber Rose" this week. One of the people she's learned to appreciate and just plain adore is her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

She describes this professional dancer as "Very loving and very sweet and passionate," according to People Magazine.

She also describes her relationship with the dancer as a "growing friendship." After being with someone for that much time week after week it would be almost impossible to endure if the relationship was anything less than stellar.

It is amazing how the celebrities look like professional dancers by the time they dance before a live audience. Sure, mistakes are made, but few and far between, you find yourself awestruck by the fluid-like movements of even those stars that do contact sports for a living!

Even sexier now with her toned curves?

According to the Daily Star,Amber Rose is following the path of some very sexy women like Pamela Anderson and Nicole Scherzinger,Sheis the new face and body of Misguided, an online clothes marketplace. As you can see in the picture above it looks like "Dancing with the Stars" killed two birds with one stone. It is working as a toning and weight loss regimen which just happens to be a plus for Amber Rose as she shows off the very sexy offerings of Misguided. She gets to dance and tone-up for her modeling gig at the same time!

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