It was a very Brady family reunion on "Dancing With The Stars" (DWTS) as Maureen McCormick and Florence Henderson tripped the light fantastic. On "DWTS" season 23, "Marcia" danced the Brady Bunch theme song with partner Artem Chigvintsev. At rehearsal, Maureengot a twirl round the floor with mama"Carol Brady." Henderson, who placed 8th in season 11 of "Dancing with the Stars" had some advice for her former TV daughter.

Here's the 'DWTS' story of two very lovely ladies

So McCormick may not be on the top of the heap after the first episodes of "DWTS," but she's not doing too badly for a 60-year-old (can you believe, little Marcia Brady is a sexagenarian?

Where did those years go?). She got tons of love and support from Henderson, now 82. (When did yummy TV mummy Carol Brady get to be 80?) Henderson called foul on "DWTS" judges scoring Maureen's Viennese waltz so long, but told her to keep her chin up and do her best. McCormick plans to do just that. She's not really too upset about low marks and was just thankful to be able to participate in the celebrity dance competition. The former child star felt she could profit from the judge's advice.

'DWTS' to McCormick: 'Trust your partner'

One judge gave feedback on why Maureen didn't score higher and it was simply to learn to trust Artem. McCormick says that some things got "misinterpreted" but that she did trust her partner 100 percent.

That advice can't be overstated. On "DWTS,"celebrities may come from professional acting but they are amateur dancers at best. They are partnered with pros who know their way around the dance floor. If the celeb tries to lead and doesn't work in harmony with her partner, things fall apart. Another celebrity contestant, Amber Rose was told by a coach to dance so closely and intimately with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy that they were literally crotch to crotch.

That intimacy has to carry over to the trust relationship between dancers. You can tell the couples who've danced together for decades--they knew each other's moves as well as their own. It's a tall order for "Dancing with the Stars" couples who've only just started dancing together, but if they are willing to let it happen, it will.

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