Julianne Hough is setting the record straight about a comment she made during Amber Rose’s bootylicious “Dancing With the Stars” performance earlier this week. On her latestLoveline With Amber Rosepodcast, Amber said she felt “body shamed” by Hough when the “DWTS” judge said she felt uncomfortable watching her salsa with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. But in an interview with E! News, Hough said her comment about Rose’s salsa was taken out of context as part of a taped package for the ABC celebrity ballroom competition.

Amber calls out the "DWTS" judge

Rose recounted the “DWTS” judges’ commentary, saying that when Maks had to lift her up and dip her, Julianne said it made her feel uncomfortable. Amber said she immediately felt body shamed by Julianne’s comment.The former stripper and SlutWalk founder went on to compare herself to the female “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancers who are able to wear sexy outfits and do splits and suggestive moves, yet they get a standing ovation.Rose believes that her curvy body type made Hough uncomfortable.

But Julianne says Amber has it all wrong that that her comment about feeling “uncomfortable” was taken out of context.

Julianne explains her comment

Julianne told E! News that the segment was a produced package and not live coverage, so producers put the sound bite in. She went on to explain that her comment about being “uncomfortable” was more about the fact that she wanted to see Amber do more with the performance.

Hough felt that Amber didn’t put enough energy into what was supposed to be a “hot sexy dance,” and that is what made it uncomfortable to watch.Hough also went on to say that she is all about a sexy booty dance and she is totally against any kind of body shaming.

Amber Rose’s pro partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, has also come to her defense regarding the “DWTS” judges. On his blog for Entertainment Weekly, Chmerkovskiy said he was upset to see how sad Amber was after she heard the judges’ comments about her dance to J.Lo’s song, “Booty.” Maks pointed out that more than half of the song use the word “booty,” so it was a no-brainer to put plenty of booty shaking into the dance.

Amber Rose has been vocal about her feelings on body shaming and has said that she has learned to embrace her curves. She started her own incarnation of SlutWalk last fall to empower women and to break down gender stereotypes. Amber Rose’s second annual SlutWalk takes place Oct. 1 in Los Angeles and her “Dancing With the Stars” partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, is set to join her on it.

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