Last night on Dancing With The Stars therewas quite a scary incident involving contestant Ryan Lochte and his pro partner Cheryl Burke. The couple had performed their first dance on Monday night and was right in the middle of getting critiqued by the four judges when two men wearing anti-Lochte shirts ran onto the stage towards them. More details are now emerging and host Tom Bergeron was on Good Morning America on Tuesday expanding in more detail what exactly happened during that time and his reaction to it.

Carrie Ann Inaba interrupted

The details of this Dancing with the Stars incident involving Ryan Lochte was discussed by Bergeron along with clips that were not seen on air on Monday night. While Carrie Ann Inaba was interrupted during her comments by the men, the faces of the other judges said a lot. They were as stunned and shocked as she was. The protesters were not actually attacking Lochte physically but were just shouting out, “Liar.” However, they didn’t have muchof a chance as security tackled them to the ground very quickly.

It was confusing there for a few minutes for everyone, including viewers who weren’t sure what was going on. Many people, including past Dancing with the Stars winner Alfonso Ribeiro, were startled, but at first thought that maybe it was supposed to be part of the show.

Tom Bergeron keeps his cool

Tom Bergeron seemed to keep things running smoothly.

During the GMA interview, he said that he had no idea what was really going on until he saw Carrie Ann’s expression change as she was in the middle of her comments. By that time, security had already taken action. He also mentioned that they wanted to give the protesters the benefit of the doubt by thinking that they would not do anything physical at the premiere. They had apparently been screened before they entered the building and also were “appropriately dressed,” according to Tom.

It sounds like they had only revealed their anti-Lochte shirts after the show started.

Derek Hough to the rescue

Another scene that viewers didn’t see last night was pro dancer Derek Hough rushing over to a few other protesters wearing the same shirts who were in the audience as well. He was trying to shoo them out. He was heard telling them to get out. He told them that this was a good and positive show. Security then scrambled over to that area to make sure Derek was safe and to get the others out.

The whole incident was scary as you just never know what can happen quickly. Given that it was live TV just added to the chaos.

The important thing is that everyone is fine and no physical harm was done, although it did seem like both Cheryl Burke and Ryan Lochte were pretty shaken up. Everyone at Dancing with the Stars, including the rest of the audience, were in full support of the Olympic swimmer.

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