Season 6 of Dance Moms is back with new episodes on Lifetime and this makes many viewers quite curious about the status of Abby Lee Miller's fraud cause. The case has been referenced some in prior episodes and it was easy to see that it was taking a significant toll on the reality television star at times. What's the latest on this situation?

TheDance Momsicon was facing years in prison

In the face of a possible five years in prison and up to $5 million in fines, Abby Lee Miller recent entered into a plea deal. She was due to be sentenced on October 11, but according to Deadline, she was just granted a 45-day extension.

This delay comes after numerous stalls by the Dance Moms star's legal team prior to the plea deal coming together.

Now, reports indicate, Abby will face sentencing at a hearing to be held on December 2. It is too soon to know if the Dance Moms star will receive any jail time at all, and even if she does serve some time, it will surely be significantly less than the possible five-year term she was originally facing.

The case came together after the judge in her bankruptcy case saw her on television and noted that not everything she was earning via Reality TV was included in the case. She is alleged of having more than $755,000 in earnings sent to her mother instead of herself and things escalated from there.

Dance Momshead admits she is scared to death of jail

As People notes, Abby recently opened up about the case to a degree during a chat on the Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole podcast. She maintains that at the time, she thought she was doing the right thing and that her strategies were legal and legitimate, but the Dance Momsceleb acknowledgesthat she made mistakes.

Miller says that she is scared to death of going to jail, but that she is mentally preparing herself that she may have to spend time behind bars.

At this point, the Dance Moms star could still end up serving 24 to 30 months, but her legal team is angling for either probation or a maximum of six months in jail.

Abby admits that this has been an embarrassing and humiliating issue for her and she claims that she is now taking full responsibility for all that transpired.

What does all of this mean for the show? Dance Moms is now back with new episodes, but former Miller favorite Maddie Ziegler is gone and this will shake up the show quite a bit. There is a new team of younger dancers being groomed by Abby and fans are hopeful that the series will continue in some fashion even if she is away for a bit. For now, everybody will have to stay tuned to see what happens with Abby Lee Miller's fraud sentencing and what Lifetime decides to do about Dance Moms beyond Season 6.

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