It's no secret that Abby Lee Miller has been involved in many legal disputes for some time now; her most recent one being charged with one count of failing to report an international monetary transfer this past June, which she pled guilty to and could face up to 30 months in prison for. Could this end up forcing her to close her dance studio, possibly putting an end to the Lifetime hit Reality TV Show, "Dance Moms"?

Abby tells her junior elite dancers that they're on their own

Recently, Abby has been favoring her mini elite dancers.

In a promotion for Season 6, it seems as though the junior elite team mothers get fed up with the obvious favoritism and told the dance coach that if she didn't want to work with their daughters anymore, she only needed to say theword. Abby then made her decision and asked the dancers if this was the end of the road for her and if it was the end of the road for all of them. Thus leading everyone to believe that she was telling them that they're on their own. Abby has already made her junior elite team choreograph their own routines before, which of course they still won first place overall with.

This is showing evidence that the show, and Abby, will continue to favor the minis over the juniors. Which seems to be confusing since there are reports that in Season 7, Lifetime producers made the executive decision to send the little dancers home, ending their time on the show.

'Dance Moms' ratings have already begun to decline

That's right! The show's rating have begun to consistently decline despite fans' efforts on taking to social media to try and keep the show relevant and on air.

Is it because people are finally tired of the way Abby Lee Miller treats her dancers and their mothers? Probably!

Many original dance members have left the show due to the way Abby treats her cast members. She is now left with only one original member from the first season, Nia Frazier, and one original member from the second season, Kendall Vertes. The show's lack of original team members also probably has something to do with the decline of its ratings.

And the ratings will just continue to decline as more and more people quit, leading people to believe that maybe this could be the end of "Dance Moms."

Despite her mother'seffort to get her daughter onto the team,JoJo Siwa has already been rumored to have quit the show in Season 7 as she reportedly hasn't shown up for two competitions already.Also, it will be really interesting to see what happens to the show and the dance studio once Abby is sent to prison for her fraud charges.

All in all, "Dance Moms" seems to be a mess right now. Despite all the rumors and speculation, all viewers can do is sit back and watch how Season 7 pans out.

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