Abby Lee Miller spent much of "Dance Moms" Season 6 training her mini team to become the new junior elite team, the plan being they would eventually replace her original team on the show. She even began to neglect her original team who started the show five years ago. But now, Lifetime producers have made the executive decision to send those mini dancers home in the middle of filming Season 7. Miller, obviously upset, took to Instagram posting a photo of the four minis with a caption stating her disapproval.

She wrote about how the production company sent her mini team home and how she's "sick over it!"

Dance Moms's Abby Lee Miller opens up about dance event

Abby Lee is the only one to come forward so far with her distaste for this event. None of the mini dancers have directly addressed their being sent home.It is also said that Abby Lee Miller's long-time nemesis, Candy Nesbitt-Stein, who owns and runs the Candy Apples Dance Studio in Canton, OH, confirmed on her Twitter account that she will be making her return in Season 7.Cathy became an original "Dance Moms" cast member when she brought her daughter Vivi in to audition for Abby's mini elite team.

After much prodding on Cathy's part, Miller let Vivi join the team. She danced alongside former team member, Mackenzie Ziegler, with duets and solos until Cathy became unhappy with the way Abby ran things and decided to go back to her own studio. She then followed the Abby Lee Dance Company around to competitions with the ultimate goal of beating them for first place.

Cathy Nesbitt-Stein confirms her Season 7 return

Cathy had an interview with the International Business Times back in August of 2015 where she stated that she would love to reprise her role on "Dance Moms" but was torn about having to leave her studio in Ohio to film for the show in Los Angeles.

"I would love, love, love to come back to the show," she stated to IB Times, "I absolutely enjoy doing it.

If they could do something that they could come back here I would definitely be very interested in participating with them."

Did the producers throw out the mini team so they could bring back the drama between these two dance teachers? Their intention is unclear. As of right now, fans can only speculate.

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