Based on the research ofNassim Haramein, the recently released trailer for the documentary, "The Connected Universe," is a shimmering and immersive production. Graphically exciting, the clip introduces audiences to Haramein's world. It is a place of astonishment and wonder, where science and spirituality find common cause in unifying reality as we know it.

Nassim Haramein goes HD

The researcher known for foundingThe Hawaii Institute of Unified Physics and The Resonance Project, has been at the forefront of experimental physics research and in "The Connected Universe;" his life's work comes alive in a highly evocative and deeply immersive style.

The traileris available via Vimeo.

Those curious about consciousness and the nature of existence are likely to delight in Haramein's mathematically intricate yet spiritually open approach to cosmic questions. The documentarylooks to be an audio visual spectacle of the highest order if the trailer is to be any indication of what's to come. Touching on deep and metaphysical themes, this movie looks to be mind expanding to say the very least.

While the landscape of crowdfunding has been developing for some time, this movie, funded through Indiegogo, raised a staggering amount of money making it the highest crowdfunded spirituality-focused movie of all-time. It is one of the highest documentaries of any genre to be successfully crowdfunded.

Launched by Malcom Carter of Vancouver, Canada, the crowdfunding project has been funded since January 26, 2015.

Nonetheless, backers continue to join on the project and at this time it has raised$329,248 which represents 172% more then what the film makers had hoped to raise. This tremendous social leveraging success points to great new opportunities in the arts.

With the right strategies, whole new kinds of media are being developed as result of individuals and the communities they are forming in digital spaces.

Something for the cosmonauts, something for the seekers

On September 27, Sir Patrick Stewart, critically-acclaimed star of stage and screen was confirmed as the narrator.The moviepremiered on September 26at the Directors Guild of America.

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