Thank goodness for the internet. Some Russian YouTubers have taken it upon themselves to film what happens to different things when they are burnt with a butane gas torch. You know how aerosol cans always say “contents under extreme pressure – flammable”? Well, you get to see exactly what that means in this crazy video of 6 insane gas torch explosions. Okay – it’s really 5 explosions and one thing that burns in a really interesting way.

Crazy Russian gas torch explosions.

The title of the video and opening sequence are a little misleading, but that’s kind of what makes the video so fun to watch.

The video is called “Pepsi vs. Gas Torch”, but as I said, there are 5 things other than Pepsi that areset on fire or exploded in this video. The first 10 seconds will have you saying “wtf?” when they show a quick highlight of lighting a golf ball with the gas torch, and then torching a can of Pepsi, followed by an explosion that can only be described as epic.

So, the golf ball is the first star (victim?) of the gas torch explosion video. It never actually explodes, but we get a really cool close-up shot of the various layers being melted and charred until all that’s left is a ball of ash. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you set a golf ball on fire – which is not a normal thing to wonder, by the way – here’s your answer.

Five epic explosions

Now onto the actual explosions. First up, we have a can of lighter fluid. This should be fun, right? There is definitely a powerful explosion here, but surprisingly it doesn’t involve an enormous flame ball (that comes later, stay tuned). Second is a can of gas, I’m assuming propane but it’s hard to tell from the video.

The crazy Russian mastermind surrounds the can with some tissues and sprinkles a liquid on them (possibly rubbing alcohol?). This produces an explosion so epic that it has to be shown three times to really appreciate it.

Third is a can of beer. Technically, beer plus pomegranate (odd combination – as one astute YouTube commenter said - “Kill it with fire”).

Pressure builds, the can explodes and it’s a big, wet, frothy, pomegranate mess. Fourthin line is the where we finally get to see the Pepsi vs. gas torch showdown and the fifth is a can of shaving cream. This one is just too much fun – you have to watch it.

For safety sake, it is better that you do not try this at home.

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