Lots of people have been blowing up social media with questions about why so much attention seems to be given to Black Goku, if he’s just an ordinary villain like all the rest. These questions pop up after every new episode of Dragon Ball Super, but now we finally have enough information to give us a decent hypothesis. An investigation into the matter in Japan has revealed some very interesting details.

Black Goku: just another villain?

In an interview, Akira Toriyama made it very clear that Black Goku is a very different villain from the ones we’re all used to by now.


His change is radical and he is the perfect apprentice, even able to learn to be stronger from the blows he receives. We’ve seen this before with the villain Freezer, but he always ended up dying at the hands of the Saiyans.

See it for yourself in Dragon Ball Super episode 56

Make sure you watch the full episode so you don’t miss a thing. The most fearsome villain in the 12 universes is very afraid and at the same time very excited to be able to fight and increase his potential to a level that we’ve never seen before.

The fight takes place over two more episodes, since first there will be the fight of Vegeta and Black. Later, the two will join together to try to stop the villain in the future.

The color of his aura is similar to what happens in universe 10, where the Kaioshins are from, but in Dragon Ball Super episode 55, we could see some sort of pink colored leaves similar to the ones he has in his transformation from villain. It could have to do with his origin, but for the moment all we know is there’s a chance that it’s a fusion with a villain in the future.

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Episode 56 features an amazing battle between Goku Black and Goku Super Saiyan Phase One, and Goku Black in a rematch with the appearance of Super Saiyan Rose.

If you want some more guesses and speculations about Dragon Ball Super episode 56 and what’s going on with Black Goku, check out this video. There are tons of spoilers here, so make sure you watch the episode yourself first!