Corey Feldman is back and he's sharing his music with the world. In a recent performance on the "Today Show," Feldman unveiled his new song titled "Go 4 It." Sadly, many who saw the live performance were very underwhelmed. That didn't stop the buzz though and Corey's new song has gone viral.

Corey Feldman goes viral

Even though there were many critics of Feldman's performance, replays of the song have gone viral on YouTube and it seems that everyone is talking about it. To be honest, it's hard not to talk about the shocking 1-song gig.

It's no secret that Corey is a little odd but the way he flailed around on the "Today Show" stage had people talking about his awkward stage presence.

Prior to the beginning of his performance, it was announced that Corey Feldman had been working on this album for 10 years. The look of his group was also interesting. His back-up band of women were dressed up as sexy angels while he looked like a rhinestone covered grim reaper. Corey's dance moves can only be described as ballet-inspired writhing with a little bit of the robot thrown in for good measure.

Corey Feldman has since responded to all the buzz surrounding "Go 4 It." It sounds like he's a little bit impressed that the whole thing went viral but he's not too happy that those who are talking about it seem to be laughing at him.


I GUESS THE ANGELS N I DID R JOBS," Feldman wrote on Twitter. He has also kept close tabs on the music charts and it looks like, despite the horrible reviews of his live performance, people are downloading the new song. According to his most recent pinned tweet, "Go 4 It" has climbed several spots up the charts since his interesting performance on Friday.

Feldman explains his new music group

Prior to his performance, Corey Feldman explained why he formed the new group Corey's Angels.

“I know that angels have probably saved me once or twice in my life and I like helping them, as well,” Corey said prior to performing. "That’s why I created Corey’s Angels as a way to help girls who are kind of lost and needed to find their way to get their opportunities, their dreams, and make them realities."

Corey's Angels has a new album out called "Angelic 2 the Core." Their new single "Go 4 It" is included on that album.

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