Corey Feldman has been making a lot of celebrity news headlines over the past few weeks, and most are not good. Now Feldman could be facing a major lawsuit brought on by his late best friend, actor Corey Haim's mother, Judy Haim.

Hollywood is an ugly and scary business according to Corey Feldman

Judy Haim now claims she is going to bring a legal suit against her late son's pal if he does not stop spreading lies about the alleged sexual abuse that he claims he and Haim suffered as young boys in Hollywood.

The abuse Feldman claims was brought on by a respected Hollywood mogul that they were involved with back in the 80s.

Feldman's accusations and stories are complete BS according to Judy, and she is extremely upset that Feldman is circulating these false stories once again. Judy also claims that she believed that Corey Feldman's intentions are purely selfish and that he is only looking to gain media attention and a huge paycheck.

Is Corey Feldman using Corey Haim to gain attention?

Mrs. Haim also reveals she is completely serious when it comes to Feldman and this matter revealing that in July she sent out a cease and desist letter to Feldman warning him that if it continues she will bring legal action against him.

However, reports reveal that Mrs. Haim will have a difficult time winning a defamation case concerning her departed son.

Corey Haim died in March of 2010. The actor suffered for many years prior to his death with a dangerous addiction to drugs. It was reported that the month before Haim's death he had illegally obtained prescription drugs using a number of aliases from seven different doctors and pharmacies to obtain 553 prescription drugs that included Xanax, Vicodin, Soma and Valium.

He died at the age of 38 from complications of pneumonia and heart failure.

Many believe that drudging up Corey Haim's name and past proves to be very painful for the "Lost Boys" star's mother. But, in saying that doesn't Corey Feldman have the right to tell his story, a story that also includes a very long and painful relationship with Corey Haim? Feldman's rep spoke with TMZ on the matter, stating that Feldman continues to be constantly asked about Haim, especially over the past few months.

He also added that Feldman has remained very respectful of both Corey and Judy Haim.

Do you believe Corey Feldman is only searching for closure or is he just using every opportunity to keep his name in the news, especially while promoting his singing career? Hopefully, Feldman and Mrs. Haim will come to some sort of agreement on this matter that will work for each of them.

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