Donald Trump calls for "profiling" in the wake of the New York and New Jersey bombings, but he didn't call for "racial profiling," as "CNN News"is reporting. Now other media sites are reporting that Trump is calling for "racial profiling" today, which is not what Trump said, according to "Fox and Friends" live on Tuesday morning and they showed the clip to prove it!

Profiling, not 'racial' profiling!

Trump told Bill O'Reillyduring a recent interviewthat Israel does profiling and they do it very well.

He told O'Reilly that it is ridiculous to stop a 76-year-old woman in a wheel chair to make this fair to everyone, which has been done in this nation's airports. What he would like to see is the ability to have trained law enforcement to stop and question anyone they deem suspicious.

Just take a look

The man arrested for the New York and New Jersey looked extremely suspicious when going through the pictures taken off security cameras before the bombings, according to a security expert on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

If he had been questioned and the suspicions were all wrong then "racial profiling" would be the headlines of the day.

Profiling people because of something deemed suspicious about them is different to profiling people because of theirrace. This isn't an easy feat, but it would entail training law enforcement in profiling techniques. They do this in Israel and because of their techniques they run one tight ship.

Hillary's 'bombings' vs. Trump's 'bomb'?

This comes on the heels of "CNN" editing Hillary Clinton's reference to the event as a "bombing" in New York. This was the opening statement to Hillary's impromptu press conference on board her plane on Monday, reports "The Hill." After this address she lambasted Donald Trump for jumping the gun and saying that a "bomb" went off.

"CNN" edited out the first sentence where Hillary referred to being briefed on "the bombings." Apparently they did this so she wouldn't look like a hypocrite while chastising Trump's wording on the event.

Hillary did come off looking like a hypocrite despite CNN's attempts to nip it in the bud.

Their ploy worked for a short while as the tweet from the AP below demonstrates. "Donald Trump declares 'bomb' went off before officials released any details." It didn't take long for the folks on social media to make that necessary correction and offer up Hillary's "bombings" to show that both Trump and Hillary were on the same page whether Hillary or "CNN" liked it or not.

CNN called 'Clinton Network News'?

It seems that "CNN" drove the bus on this news as other outlets seemed to follow their lead putting Trump as someone who took the event into his own hands when describing the explosion in New York and New Jersey.

With "CNN" deleting Clinton's words on "the bombings," this left Trump looking like someone trying to get folks riled up by declaring there was a "bomb" that went off.

Social media quickly showed the "AP" and "CNN" the error of their ways by comments left on a tweet by the "AP" reporting Trump'sjumping of the gun.

Some on Twitter are referring to "CNN" as the Clinton News Network, like the tweet below. After seeing how they seem to design the news around Hillary, one has to wonder!

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