If you want to have your cake and lose weight too, Chrissy Teigen may be able to help you. Her weight loss secret? Have a baby. Teigen and husband John Legend welcomed baby Luna in April, 2016 and by mid September, she had lost all her baby weight. Chrissy loves the sweet (salty, fatty, buttery) life and shares recipes in her book "Cravings."But the supermodel also has a history of weight problems too (believe it or not). But she says shedding pounds is not as complicated as people think. Her miraculous postpartum childbirth slim down shows you can have your baby, lose weight, and eat treats too.

Relax and enjoy the baby, says Teigen

After giving birth, Chrissy took it easy on herself and didn't go gung ho to lose baby fat immediately. And that's probably the best advice she could give. New moms will usually drop the pregnancy weight naturally as the baby keeps them active. There's no need to micromanage weight loss, especially if you're breastfeeding. Nursing a baby melts the pounds off and pulls the uterus back into shape. So Teigen says just enjoy the baby which may seem easier said than done.

But it wasn't easy for Chrissy to say and relaxing is not her usual way of doing things. Teigen admits to obsessing over the scale, and weighing herself upwards of five times a day.

No cleanses or crazy diets

As a supermodel, Teigen had to be constantly vigilant to stay thin. She tried the Master Cleanse and other juice cleanses. But she found hunger would drive her nuts and make her crave weird things.

So her advice is to give in to cravings. Teigen loves to eat and as a nursing mom, needs to eat. She has written some decadently delicious and very un-calorie-minded recipes. For someone who is battling obesitywith diet and doesn't have a covergirl figure, that advice can be a slap in the face.

How can she eat like that and still look like that? Teigen is known to have had a fair amount of plastic surgery, so she might not be opposed to a tummy tuck at some point.

But for those who do weight loss strictly the old-fashioned way, the secret may be in the cravings. Eat what you like but watch the portions. Fill up on vegetables so you won't binge on the junk. Mind the carbs and eat lots of protein--some doctors say 60 grams a day--to stay full. And stay active so your metabolism doesn't lag.

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