The hairstylist

Chrissy Teigen's hairstylist seems to have gone missing after the American model announced on her Snapchat handle that she could not find her. She was seen asking her fans on Snapchat if anyone has seen her employee. She was holding an empty black bag looking distressed. In the video, Miss Teigen can be heard saying,"I'm on the set of Lipsync Battle wondering where my hairstylist is? If you know where Jen Atkins is please send her back to the set."

The make-up artist

In another clip, Miss Teigen announced that the Make-up artistalso seemed to be missing.

In the short video, pointing to an empty black bag, she says,"Has anyone seen Patrick Top, my Make-up artist. Please let me know. Your stuff is here. I don't know how to do it myself." At thatpoint,Sports Illustrated magazine Model picks up a makeup brush and rubs her one of her cheeks.

In another clip, wearing one of Snapchat filters, Chrissy Teigen announces the availability of a job placement for Make-up Artist. In the short video clip she says,"If you are an inspiring Make-up artist, please reach out to my management IMG models.

Thank you."

Soon after that clip Miss Teigen, having her hair tied up in a bun this time around and seemingly using snapchat camera as a mirror, announced about a second job role of a Hairstylist was available. "If you're an aspiring hairstylist and love giving top-knots. Please reach out to me."

Christine Teigen the muse

The next clip started with the American model and the famous singer-songwriter John Legend's wife lying on the floor talking about the President of Hair having her selected as the new muse for a project already and that the showing of her frustrations and anger at her hairstylistwas because she was not there when she should've been.

She says,"So it turns out that Today is the day the President of Hair decides to pick his new muse for the world. And you're not here."

Miss Teigen told her fans that she begged the President of Hair not to leave and informed the Presidentabout her hair-stylist being punctual and good at her work."No President of Hair. Don't leave now. She s normally really good, she's always here." She displayed her shock by adding, "I don't know what to do now?"

In the next heart-wrenching clip Miss Teigen is seen crying and showing her frustration and anger by hinting that the President of Hair leaving without finishing the project.

She said, "So he (the President) came in here and said 'Obviously I wanna give you all the awards for Best Hair but I can only do that if your stylist is here.'"

The TV personality and the global fashion icon Chrissy Teigen's Snapchat Story ended with a photograph showing a black chair with a caption reading "What a f***ing chair?" It will be interesting to see how many people respond to her plea for hairstylists and make-up artists on the SnapChat and Twitter platforms.

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